Tim Howard - Osteopath in Cirencester & London

Tim Howard is an osteopath providing treatment at his clinic in Cirencester and at the Seymour Practice in Central London, treating patients from 3months old to 100 years standing !!


Osteopaths are primary health care professionals who use methods and techniques that are non-invasive and based on years of osteopathic training and professional experience. Tim can liase with both your GP and specialists within all fields of medicine.


Tim also teaches undergraduate osteopaths at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in North London. Lecturing in Biomechanical Osteopathic Technique, Visceral Osteopathic Theory and Technique, Osteopathic Treatment of Pregnant & Post-Partum patients, and is a Clinic Tutor to 3rd and 4th Year students at the BCOM College Clinic.

Tim's practice

In Tim's practice, he strives for excellence through high-quality patient care and satisfaction.


Tim is dedicated to the treatment of musculo-skeletal and visceral problems using an osteopathic approach, integrating his practice into the wider medical field. Confident to treat anyone from 3 months old to 100 years standing! 

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What to expect from a visit to Tim

If you have never been to an osteopath before, these pages will help you understand more about what to expect, and also what to bring with you to the consultation

All about Osteopathy

Osteopathy was first used to treat patients by Andrew T Still in the mid-19th century. A T Still also taught osteopathy to students at his college in Kirksville, which was attended by Tim's maternal grandfather, Johnnie Johnson, who was one of the first american osteopaths to emigrate to the UK in the 1930's.


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