Osteopathy for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of change for the body, and not just in the last trimester. Those changes include the softening of ligaments, weight increase & changes to posture, which can lead to pressure on joints in various parts of the body including the spine or pelvis.


Tim lectures Osteopathy to undergraduates at BCOM, and leads the module that covers treatment of pregnant patients, covering the potential dysfunction that may occur, and the musculoskeletal techniques, visceral techniques, nutritional advice and specific exercise programs used to help pregnant patients adapt to the physical and hormonal changes that occur through the entire 9 months. 

Osteopathy for New Mums

If pregnancy is a stressful time for body, then the birth process can be a challenge - whether the birth is natural or caesarian; simple or complicated; first time or fourth time. Also, managing the arrival of a new born - from breast-feeding and carrying your little one, to ensuring the recovery of your body to optimal health - osteopathy can provide a number of effective relief. Link to research study on osteopathic treatment post-partum


As part of the module mentioned above, the myraid of possible outcomes for new mums (from occasional incontinence to acute back pain, shoulder discomfort to pelvic floor dysfunction) are covered by Tim and his team. Again musculoskeletal techniques and visceral techniques used to help new mums adapt to the physical and hormonal changes that occur post-partum. Tim will also work alongside your lactation consultant to give postural advice related to breastfeeding.

Osteopathy for Babies

The birth process can be a challenge for babies, and the first months of life can throw up more challenges too. Babies' skeletons are softer than an adult's and Tim will use much gentler techniques such as cranial osteopathy and Biodynamic Osteopathy.


Tim has been studying Biodynamic Osteopathy as a post-graduate for four years. Biodynamic Osteopathy is a specialised form of Cranio-Sacral therapy which uses the energy body of the baby to diagnose and treat the many issues that can arise.


The Biodynamic technique uses a gentle, almost imperceptable, level of touch. The baby is held by the parent and Tim works around them as a unit.

Testimonials from New Mums

I received osteopathic treatment from Tim Howard throughout my pregnancy, and following the birth of my little boy. When I first went to see him I was still working, but had had to take time off due to unbearable pain associated with long hours at my desk. Tim found the cause and reduced the level of pain enough within that first session to enable me to go back to work.


Subsequent sessions provided a complete recovery. I continued to have regular treatments before the birth, which gave me the confidence to continue working, and approach the birth process with all the information I needed.


Tim provided me with a set of effective exercises to undertake regularly, and others to do when a bout of pain would come; having them available to me really helped. He also treat my child’s gunky eye problem very effectively.


Tim has a calm and knowledgeable manner, and it is obvious that he is keen to find out what is bothering you, and then to spend the time explaining why it is happening and how he believes it can be fixed. He is more willing to include you in the process than other osteopaths I have seen, and I find this enormously helpful, and he is able to explain complex problems simply, and with humour.


I have no hesitation in recommending Tim’s effective treatment and professional manner, and have already directed both pregnant and non-pregnant friends to him.

Natasha, 35, Fashion Designer, Burford & London.


* * * *

The pregnancy for my third child was the first which caused me considerable back pain. A friend suggested I see Tim, and by the end of my first visit I was confident that this was not a problem I would have to contend with for the next four months.


I had no pain by the end of the first treatment session, and saw him monthly for the remaining four months to stay pain free.


I have since brought my two elder children to see him, and little Leo when he arrived. They all love Tim, he has a playful manner with them that puts them at ease. He also doesn't mind them coming along for my sessions to treat the c-section scarring caused during the last birth.


I would highly recommend him to anyone, and have sent friends to him too.

Issy, 41, Tetbury, Wilts.

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