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Tim qualified from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine with a Bachelor of Osteopathic Medicine and achieved both a Merit Award (given to those achieving the equivalent of 1st Class Honours) and a Distinction in his final clinical competency examination – a feat managed by only 3 students in his cohort.


The degree involved 4 years full time study of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, orthopaedics/X-ray diagnosis, clinical medicine, osteopathic techniques & philosophy, soft tissue techniques, paediatrics, obstetrics/gynaecology & psychology.


In addition, Tim also gained a Diploma in Naturopathy which involved the wider study of hydrotherapy, nutrition/dietetics, stress management, exercise prescription and visceral osteopathy. This has allowed him to enhance the holistic nature of his osteopathic approach, as he incorporates these aspects into your treatment where appropriate.


Tim believes in adopting a holistic patient centered approach to osteopathic treatment so that the body can adapt and recover from its dysfunction in an effective manner, and allowing a return to the optimum level of health achievable.


Tim has returned to the British College of Osteopathic Medicine as part of the faculty, lecturing in osteopathic technique to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students; visceral theory & technique to 3rd year students, treatment of pregnant & post-partum patients to 3rd & 4th year students, and is a tutor to both 3rd and 4th year students, at the College Clinic.


He regularly furthers his clinical knowledge by attending conferences and post graduate courses, and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC)  and is a member of the British Osteopathic Association. 

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Testimonials from some of Tim's patients

I was experiencing severe neck pain and regular headaches for some time before contacting Tim. Despite never having been treating by an osteopath before, Tim clearly outlined what was involved, and by the end of the first treatment I was so much better.


Tim has a gentle, relaxed manner, and is very good at explaining why the pain I was experiencing was happening, allowing me to understand how to change my posture to prevent it reoccurring, and gave me specific exercises to relieve the pain. I have recommended Tim to those of my clients who have had problems, and all have returned with positive endorsements. I have no hesitation to recommend his services in the future.

Elizabeth, 38, Physical Trainer, North Wilts


* * * *


Thank you for helping me to maintain my flexibility, it feels good even after a week. This is allowing me to continue working despite the fibromyalgia. I am happy to recommend you to others for your professionalism, good advice about dietary needs, to complement the osteopathic therapy and your general ability to put people at ease.

Cassie, 35, Occupational Therapist, London.


* * * *


I have been hunting since I was a child, and have therefore had a number of falls over the years, and thought that I would just have to deal with the back pain I had been suffering for a number of years. A friend told me about Tim, and within three appointments the pain in my back was virtually gone. Through his careful insistency that prevention is better than cure, I know see him regularly throughout the hunting season to keep my back flexible, and irregularly during the summer when the need arises. I am happy to recommend Tim to others.

Mark, 58, Financial Analyst, Northleach & London.


* * * *

I have seen Tim Howard for a number of months. When we met I arrived with a stiff and painful neck, unable to relax, find a comfortable sitting position or sleep very easily. Tim's assessment and therapeutic manner was confident, re-assuring, gentle and kind. He was keen to know from me, what troubled me and to determine each week whether the pain was worse, better or changed. He was keen to know whether the previous treatment had been successful in easing my discomfort and keen to try out new manipulations, based on this ongoing re-assessment.


He usefully gave me exercises to undertake at home that felt manageable, and helpfully assessed the car seat and my driving position and discussed my posture at work, to ensure this was both correct and not contributing to further difficulties. When I met him I had a sense that I had his undivided attention and thoughtfulness, this did not waver. My posture has improved, my neck pain and stiffness ameliorated.


I would have no hesitation in recommending him as an Osteopath to anyone else and indeed will make contact with him again should the need arise.

Peter, 52, Senior Psychology Lecturer and Clinician, London.


* * * *

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